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Today’s Sermon: Blindness to the Judge

‘Lord, when did we see you …’ Matthew 25:37, 44       Matthew 25:31-46 Blind to the Judge We all recognize each other. All humans are able to remember certain traits, characteristics, and ways about one another; even after … Continue reading

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Today’s Sermon: Our Prodigal Problem

‘Father, give to me the portion of goods that falls to me’ Luke 15:12   Our Prodigal Problem Luke 15:11-13 As we prepare to observe Holy Week, I bring us to this familiar story of the Prodigal Son. We all … Continue reading

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Today’s Sermon: Fasting for the Fight

And when He fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterward He was hungry. Matthew 4:2 There was a time among us that we didn’t hear too much about fasting.  Except for the Catholics and our friends at St. Paul’s … Continue reading

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