Today’s Sermon: Resistance Is Required

Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

James 4:7

Today, we welcome six new souls into our church with the Right Hand of Fellowship and their first Communion.  Two more are being prepared for Baptism next month.  Praise God for his love and mercy!

St. Vladimir and the Baptism of Rus

Resistance Is Required
James 4:7-8 (6-10)

(introduction) There are many ministers and ministries who speak about empowerment and favor. Some of them have sound theology, others not so much.

(antithesis) There is a danger in measuring faithfulness and salvation by outward appearances and actions while nothing is done to challenge our private sins.

(thesis) Despite the number of anointings, blessings, amount of empowerment, favor, and acts of love one may have; there is no true uplift for our souls unless we resist evil in our lives.

(points) The devil runs away from this sort of resistance:

  • A radically humble submission to God (v.6, 7, 9,10)
  • Drawing near to God (v.8)
  • Seek cleansing and purity (v.9)

(conclusion) Lower yourself so that the Lord will lift you

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