Today’s Sermon:Giving Reasons for Rejoicing

As with 9/11 and the Virginia Tech shootings, we will remember where we were and what we were doing on Friday morning of December 14th, 2012.  We will remember how and what we felt.  Especially since this season focuses so much on children and families, the tragedy in the Connecticut elementary school is especially painful.  On behalf of the Trinity Baptist Church Family, I offer my deepest sympathies and devout prayers to all who have lost friends and loved ones.  Also remembering those who have been affected by other senseless losses in this time that is supposed to be for comfort and joy.  Through Christ, we can still have these great gifts.

Mary and Jesus (copyright John Gresham/Sts. Constantine & Helen Orthodox Church, Newport News, VA

Mary and Jesus (copyright John Gresham/Sts. Constantine & Helen Orthodox Church, Newport News, VA

Giving Reasons for Rejoicing

Luke 1:39-45

(introduction) Mary and her role in Christianity is debated by different churches

(antithesis) All three Christian perspectives agree that she had an extraordinary pregnancy (angelic announcement  vv.28-38, reaction of the unborn vv.  41-44)

(thesis) While she was the only one who bore Jesus, all Christians should have the Savior growing inside of us

(propositional statement)  When we adults carry the savior growing inside of us, we give reason for future generations to rejoice

(question)  What are the reasons we give for rejoicing?


  • We carry God’s redemption (v. 42)
  • We have a voice of hope (v. 41, 44)
  • We believe in the fulfillment of God’s will (v.45)

(conclusion) Let us adults bear Christ growing inside of us.  We are going to help some child along the way in ways we can’t even imagine (v.66)

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2 Responses to Today’s Sermon:Giving Reasons for Rejoicing

  1. Clarence M. Burrell, Jr. says:

    I rejoice because I know God loves me so much that He had a son (Jesus) come into the world to be my/our Savior. His love continued with His grace and mercy that his son died for me/us so I might have the opportunity to spend eternal life with Him. Your words above are well written. It allows me the opportunity to to inwardly digest how much God loves me and what Jesus birth and resurrection really means.

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