Trinity Baptist Church, West Point

All Christians are now in the season of preparation to celebrate the Holy Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God the Father made preparations for His Son to come into the world by putting John the Baptist ahead of him.  Let us pay careful attention to what God has placed before us.  Blessings, hope, joy, peace; these good things are what makes the greatness of the Savior come alive in us.  Inattention to the spiritual forerunners leave us vulnerable to become a part of a mob that only seek self satisfaction.  Careful attention to these gifts from God draw us closer to him.






Luke 1:20 (1:5-80)

(introduction) We all hope that God will silence His enemies

(antithesis) Zacharias was not an enemy of God and was still made mute until the birth of his son John

(thesis)  We should…

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    I reblogged on the same blog. I am not awake this morning.

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