Today’s Sermon: A Faith of Healing and Gratitude

“Arise, go your way.  Your faith has made you well.”

Luke 17:11-19

I was inspired to preach from this text by Rev. Michael Ferguson of Rock Spring Baptist Church.  He gave the sermon for the Pamunkey Baptist Association’s Thanksgiving Service last Tuesday night from this text.  More than likely, I will not rock the house the way he did.  But, I want to highlight the faith of the Samaritan leper and how it changed him.  If we observe and practice the same, we can be changed for the better as well.

Rev. Michael Ferguson (© John Gresham)


Luke 17:11-19

(Introduction)  The story of the 10 cleansed lepers highlights the thanklessness of many people as only one, the Samaritan, came back to Jesus showing gratitude for his cleansing

(Antithesis)  Jesus does not credit his own divine power for healing this man, but his faith

(Thesis)  In our times of utter hopelessness, faith in Christ can bring about a change no matter who we are

(Relevant question)  How do we practice such a faith in such times in our lives?

Seek those who are in the same boat

Seek any blessing possible

Obey Christ even when it doesn’t seem to make sense

(Conclusion) By this faith, the Samaritan saw that he was clean and came back to Jesus to give thanks.  What do you see with your faith?

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