Today’s Sermon: Follow for Thanksgiving

With so much focus on retail shopping on “black ” Friday, I can’t help but to wonder if we have forgotten the most important thing for us to be thankful for.  It is not the madness of midnight bargains, who wins the football game, the delicious meals, nor even family and friends.  The gift of Jesus Christ and his power to resurrect us from death into an eternal life should mean more to us than anything else.  Yes, thank God for all of his blessings.  Make the blessing of His Son the central point of Thanksgiving Day and everyday.

Hampton Roads Sunset (© John Gresham)


Luke 8:56

(thesis)  The power of resurrection and new life is what we must ultimately be thankful for.

(antithesis)  Only three disciples and the little girl’s parents saw this for themselves and are told not to tell anyone about it.

(propositional statement)  If we are to experience the true reason to be thankful, we must live a faith that allows us to see His power first hand.

(relevant question)  How do we live such a faith?


Follow and observe the result of faith (v.48)

Follow despite confirmed bad news (v.49-50)

Follow despite the critics (v.52-54)

(conclusion)  The story begins with a multitude waiting to see and welcoming Jesus and ends with only five seeing his ultimate power.  Strive to be a part of that number.

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