Today’s Sermon: Things That Must Not Change

We are preparing for the Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas season.  Also, we are blessed with new ideas for our various ministry programs for the coming year.  May we always be mindful that as seasons and times change, the Lord we serve always remains today as he was yesterday and in times to come.

Grove to the Valley (© John Gresham)



Judges  2:8-13

(Introduction)  It is evident from Tuesday’s election that America is going through some exciting changes

(Antithesis)  Some of these changes are clearly not for be better according to the Christian life

(Thesis)  Just because true faith is not legislated doesn’t mean we no longer have to practice it

(Propositional Statement)  There is a core of Christian living that we are called to hold on to if we are to continue to know the Lord

(Relevant Question)  What is the core that should not change


Morality (God as law giver)

Spirituality (God as soul shepherd)

Discipline (God over our enemies)

(Conclusion)  Remember the Lord that brought us out of the land of Egypt and don’t follow the gods of this world.  Only our God, the Lord Jesus Christ gives us salvation

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