Today’s Sermon: Consuming Christ

I thank God for all members who came out to celebrate the Holy  Communion today.  May the Lord keep us all safe through Hurricane Sandy.  Over 40 people had died so far from this storm when it hit the Caribbean.  Let us keep them and the survivors in our prayers.  God bless and keep you all this week.

Awesome Color from the Almighty (© John Gresham)


John 6:53-58

(introduction)  Holy Communion is a practice that all Christians participate in.

(antithesis)  Oddly enough, there are different doctrines about this, even within our own Baptist denomination

(propositional statement) No matter our doctrine, Jesus calls all of us to consume him

(relevant question) Why is consuming Christ important to our faith?

(points [ v. 58])

  • consuming the things of this world cannot save our souls
  • consuming Christ allows us to abide in him and he in us
  • consuming Christ allows us to experience the fullness of salvation

(conclusion) We need no other sign of the divinity of Jesus except that he was, is, and is to come

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One Response to Today’s Sermon: Consuming Christ

  1. There is only one Faith, one Holy Spirit, One baptism and One right way to have communion.

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