Sunday School Lesson for 28 October

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-39)

In last week’s lesson, Philip (the Deacon) was part of a growing church in Samaria.  He had even led a sorcerer to believe in Jesus.  Yet, he is led by an angel to a desert road.  It is there where he meets an Ethiopian official who was on his way from Jerusalem where he was worshiping.  While riding back home, he was reading a section from Isaiah.  Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to catch up with the Ethiopian’s chariot and was invited by this official to ride with him and explain the scripture.  The Deacon preached the Gospel to him.  The man believed that Jesus was the Son of God and was baptized.  Philip was taken away by the Spirit.  But the Ethiopian (who was St. Djan Darada) continued home rejoicing.

The Ethiopian Eunuch, St. Djan Darada
(© John Gresham- Icon from the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, Detroit Chapter and St Innocent Orthodox Church)

Sometimes the Lord will lead us from success in towns to desolate areas.  When He does this, follow the Holy Ghost and listen to where people are in their spiritual journey.  They may be ready to hear the Gospel message.  Never think of yourself too important to hear a revelation of scripture.  Be willing to hear from a stranger.  He (or she) may have something to say that will lead you to the fullness of Christ.

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